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Gta v alien gun

Some believe that the strange object is some sort of egg, which may be caused by the shape of the object depending on the angle it is viewed from, however, it has become widely accepted that the object is, in fact, a Giant Clameven if the egg itself barely resembles one. The alien egg was used in an online hidden mission.

After purchasing a bunker and completing Supply Runs, completing a supply run between 9pm and 11pm will activate a hidden supply run. Your online character will arrive at a crashed UFO with this egg in the center. Picking up the egg activates a group of aliens who will scream before disappearing. Picking the egg up also gives the player a cash reward upon completion. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Monkeypolice wrote:The UFO model was duplicated and found in the Gunrunning files - unbenown to many myth hunters stillt Categories :.

It has been proposed that this article be split into multiple pages. Reason: One part is about a clam in the ocean which was mistaken for an alien egg, while the other is about an actual alien egg.

Since there is no relation, the myth and the existing thing should be split. Creatures and People. Cryptic Myths. Other Myths.The good news is that getting a GTA Online Alien Suit is very simple but the bad news is that it is not a cheap option. For those who might not have witnessed the spectacle yet, GTA Online gamers have started banding together while wearing Green Alien Suits and using baseballs to take down random players.

For the higher level enemies with more resources, other weapons are being used to cause mayhem in GTA Online. The Alien Suit was added to the game as part of the Arena Wars expansion and can now be bought from most clothing store in-game. It can even be picked up from an Ammu-Nation gun shop, and will be found under the Outfits: Arena War section, and then the bodysuit category.

The alternative is to unlock the item via the Arena War Career but that also means spending serious cash.


All you will need to do to earn the extra reward is to login into the game during the current month. Business owners can also score double the rewards for selling special cargo, while Business Battles will be offering triple rewards, making them a risky way for those who fancy a challenge.

Meth'd Up might be the easiest, as you just need to grab the dropped baseball bat from a person standing next to an RV and then drive the vehicle to the endpoint. An older option was to create a Deathmatch game featuring one via the Content Creator, but this option appears to have been dropped. However, we have yet to find it.This weapon is exclusively available to players returning to the enhanced version from the original Playstation 3 or Xbox versions.

A railgun is a weapon that fires inert metallic rounds at velocities higher than the speed of sound using an electromagnetic effect. As such, it has incredible range and accuracy in addition to massive kinetic energy.

However, at the time the weapon was introduced, railguns are still considered to be prototype phase and due to a myriad of issues, such as power generation and heat dissipation are limited in size and portability to fixed usually naval mountings.

Portable railguns do not exist outside of theoretical models. The Railgun is a high-tech military prototype Railgun designed for infantry use, adopting a carbine-like appearance. The weapon features a very linear design and two electrically-powered rails on the front, with a small fixed stock on the rear and what appears to be the vent units behind the power source.

The Railgun also has a transparent sight with a triangle-shaped reticle on it. A green light is visible when the Railgun is loaded and turns red when fired. The weapon bears a strong resemblance to the ARC featured in the Halo series. According to the text on the side of the weapon, the Railgun is property of the United States Government.

When equipped, the Railgun emits a low pitch humming sound, which can be more easily heard when in first-person view. When fired, a flash of electric arc can be seen in the barrel, in which it will be followed by a small explosion in the muzzle a sonic boom after the rounds are fired.

Attempting to fire the weapon without ammunition will produce a unique static sound, as opposed to the standard "click" of conventional weapons.

The Railgun fires kinetic energy penetrator rounds at very high velocity hypersonic speed. In real life, the rounds travel much faster than regular firearm bullets due to its hypersonic velocity, although this cannot be observed in normal gameplay. On impact, the kinetic energy rounds are capable of causing massive damage, which are on par with the Rhino 's main cannon. That is, it can destroy any unarmored vehicle in one shot.

However, this weapon requires accurate shooting because of its poor blast radius, any shot that missed deals no damage, especially when one hits a vehicle's window and the projectile can easily pass through both open side doors of a helicopter. The Rockstar Games Social Club website incorrectly states the Railgun is automatic while in-game it is actually single-shot. Assuming that the feature is limited by the single-round magazine, the Railgun would mechanically be able to fire in an automatic mode.

Since it is a single-shot and it takes multiple seconds to recharge, this weapon is good at dealing with enemy vehicles, but is less effective against groups of enemies on foot. It is also an effective backup weapon to be used in missions that involve heavy shootouts, such as Heists. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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There's an easier way to trigger alien life in GTA 5 [Updated]

Start a Wiki. For a complete list of the features of the "enhanced" version of Grand Theft Auto Vplease see here. Wikipedia has an article on: Railgun. Contents [ show ]. Michael using the Railgun. Michael using the Railgun in a shooting range.

HUD icon. Franklin Clinton firing the Railgun.You may not know this, but there's currently a war taking place in Rockstar's online world, and you'll need a GTA Online Alien Suit if you want to get involved with it.

Indeed, an unofficial battle between the alien forces of Green and Purple has been raging for some time in GTA Onlineand what originally started out as some small meme-worthy skirmishes has now escalated into a full-blown confrontation between the two factions.

Although this whole situation has been completely engineered by the players, Rockstar have now stepped in to recognise what's happening and offer up free GTA Online Alien Suits to all players.

GTA Online Alien Suit: How to get the Green and Purple Martian Bodysuits for free

The offer is due to last "all week long" so we would expect it to expire around May 17, but we suggest you act now to make sure you get your GTA Online Alien Suit for free while you can. To get the GTA Online Alien Suit for free you need to head to any clothing store, represented by a t-shirt icon on the in-game map screen. Once you're in the shop, walk up to the counter and you'll have the option to browse outfits by following the prompt.

Scroll down the menu to Outfits: Arena War near the bottom of the list, then about halfway down the next list you'll see the Green Martian Suit and Purple Martian Suit. Head to the store and approach the counter then follow the prompt to browse weapons, before moving to the melee weapons on the left side of the display and choosing the Pool Cue.

Now get out there, find an alien crew, and cause some mayhem! You can also check out our predictions for GTA 6 in the video below:. He does not care for Xbox Achievements. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Iain Wilson. See comments. Topics Tips.The Widowmaker is a plasma machine gun with four barrels on it. The main body features the main grips typical of a portable gatling gun and the ammo is located on the rear end, connected by a pair of wires.

There appears to be seven alien symbols on the side. True to what the descriptions and appearance suggests, it is based on the same weapon from Republican Space Rangersused by the Commander.

Statistic-wise, the Widowmaker performs identical to the Minigunbeing a great weapon against helicopters, planes, motor vehicles and multiple enemies. However, it is still cumbersome to use and slows down the wielder, unable to run fast, taking cover or performing evasive rolls. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. For a complete list of the features of the "enhanced" version of Grand Theft Auto Vplease see here.

Contents [ show ]. HUD icon. The Widowmaker left being displayed with the Unholy Hellbringer. Weapon Wheel Attachments Ammu-Nation.

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gta v alien gun

Machine Guns. Sniper Rifles. Related Pages.Update: Following its datamining-aided discovery last month, the GTA 5 Chiliad Mystery community happened upon extra terrestrial life legitimately last week. And while it was first thought players were required to grind out sales in GTA Online's most recent Gunrunning update, it appears the secret alien egg supply mission can be activated with the same number of resupply missions—errands which can be completed quicker than sales.

Once you have reached this number, start a new supply run between and Apparently there's no timer for this mission, nor rewards or unlocks for completing it.

gta v alien gun

Last week, the GTA 5 Chiliad Mystery community discovered alien life for the first time in game's Online segment by way of datamining. Tied to the open world crime sim's Gunrunning update, The Gurus have now worked out how to trigger the extra terrestrial mission the old fashioned way—and it requires quite a bit of grinding. Billed by Guru Tadd as the "no shortcuts, no cheating, legit way", he outlines the correct method to spawn the alien mission as Rockstar originally intended.

But we have now traced back to the source, the various requirements needed. It appears that brace yourself the player must have: completed gunrunning sales the check is for but to be safe. And then start a supply run between: hrs and hrs. Tadd explains that "yep, it really is that simple" but that racking up quite so many gunrunning sales isn't exactly an easy feat.

GTA 5 Online alien mystery finally SOLVED? Gunrunning ‘secret mission’ found

Tadd also notes that once triggered, the alien event won't happen again. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. See comments. Topics Action.Aliens are proven to appear in physical form within Grand Theft Auto V.

They feature as Easter eggs and inside Michael's hallucination sequences, however there are rumors to appear outside of these missions as well. In all of their appearances in Grand Theft Auto Valiens share the exact same appearance. They have green bodies and elongated crescent-shaped heads. They also have large mouths with exposed teeth. There does not appear to be any sort of sexual dimorphism between male and female aliens, and the game does not classify them as such, only showing aliens with one identical model.

Drive down the embankment to the frozen river and stop under the bridge. The corpse of an alien can be clearly seen frozen through the ice in the frozen river.

Nine years later, during mission Bury the Hatchet, the alien is still there. The man persuades Michael to smoke some, and when he does, his eyesight becomes blurry, and a minigun suddenly appears in his hands. A hallucination sequence begins, in which many aliens begin to appear around him, and he must kill them all without being abducted. After the mission ends, it becomes immediately apparent to Michael, that the drug was certainly not weed, and he storms off in anger.

Aliens also appear during the mission Franklin and Lamarwhere an alien movie possibly the " Republican Space Rangers " is being filmed. They are actually not aliens, but people costumed into aliens while the movie casting takes place, and they could be more or less an Easter egg.

At the same time, Franklin and Lamar are racing through the studio at high speeds. In the mission Did Somebody Say Yoga? Michael then suffers a massive hallucination, in which he is abducted by aliens in a very large UFO.

Inside the space craft, the aliens appear to examine Michael very closely, and they speak in some sort of alien language, through a series of low grunts. After a few minutes, they drop Michael out of the spacecraft, and he finds himself falling through the air above the Los Santos skyline at night. A small object which bears a close resemblance to a large hatched egg can be found underwater off the coast of the Sonar Docks.


Players have speculated that this was an Easter egg placed in the game to reference a hatched alien egg, but others say that the object is simply a large clam. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Aliens in the mission: Did Somebody Say Yoga? Aliens in the mission: Franklin and Lamar.

The Alien egg.

gta v alien gun

Mensagem de IrineuDoCeu 2 messages. Myth hunter. Nice find TZ. Categories :. List of Easter Eggs. Beta Weapons. See Also.

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